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DC split charging pile 260KW-360KW

DC split charging pile 260KW-360KW

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This product is mainly composed of human-computer interaction touch screen, card reader, electric energy metering module, charging module, communication module, charging interface, control module and pile body. The charging pile has multiple protection functions, and the input and output have double safety protection measures. During charging, the connection status of the charging cable can be monitored in real time. When the connection is abnormal, the charging will be terminated immediately to ensure the safety of the person and the vehicle during the charging process. The user-friendly interface display and control guidance function allow customers to complete the charging process conveniently; it provides external communication interfaces such as Ethernet and GPRS, and communicates with the monitoring center and operation management center in real time to monitor the charging status in real time.

Product FeaturesProduct Features

1) High integration and complete functions: It integrates switching power supply, charging gun unlocking board, Bluetooth, input, output, communication, analog quantity, insulation detection, control and guidance in one, which greatly reduces the space occupied by the pile body.

2) Standard performance, strong electromagnetic compatibility performance: it can meet the DC output voltage level above 1000V and the corresponding safety test and EMC test.

3) Whole-pile binding production: the input and output are all active interfaces, and they are connected directly. At the same time, it integrates a switching power supply, which can output AC220V, DC24V, DC12V, and DC5V. It integrates many auxiliary functions such as fan speed control, charging gun unlocking board, Bluetooth, receipt printer, etc., without installing various boards. Most of the accessories are directly connected to the main control. It greatly reduces the time and manpower required for the assembly and cable production of charging piles.

4) With multiple mainstream network backgrounds, it can quickly deploy and monitor its own charging network;

5) Strong capacity: Compatible with all models that meet the new and old national standards of GB/T 27930; compatible with state grid and non-state grid users; compatible with LCD screens and card readers of mainstream manufacturers on the market; compatible with all DL/ Meters according to the T 645 protocol.

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