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350kW (high power PV solution)
The string inverter with the highest rated output power in the industry is capable of operating at 1.1 times overload at 40°C, with a maximum output power of up to 385kW. Suitable for large-scale ground-mounted power stations and high-voltage grid-tied industrial and commercial projects, the product has high power generation efficiency, safety, reliability, and intelligent features, contributing to reducing LCOE for power stations.
Model HSHV350K-D01
DC Side Parameters Maximum DC Voltage 1500V
Startup Voltage 500V
MPPT Voltage Range 500V~1500V
500V to 1500V
Full Load MPPT Voltage Range 860V~1300V
860V to 1300V
Maximum Input Current per MPPT 60A
Maximum Number of Input Strings 4x8
Number of MPPTs 8
AC Side Parameters Rated Output Power 350kW
Maximum Active Power (cosθ=1) 385kW
Rated Grid Voltage 800V
Allowed Voltage Range 680V~880V
680V to 880V
Rated Output Current 252.6A
Maximum Output Current 277.9A
Rated Grid Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Power Factor 0.8 (inductive) to 0.8 (capacitive)
Total Harmonic Distortion of Current (THD) <3%
System Parameters Maximum Efficiency 99.01%
China Efficiency 98.52%
Anti-Islanding Protection yes
Insulation Impedance Detection yes
Residual Leakage Current Detection yes
String Fault Detection yes
Output Overcurrent Protection yes
Protection Level IP66
Operating Ambient Temperature -40℃~+60℃
-40°C to +60°C
Cooling Method Intelligent air cooling
Standby Power Self-consumption <10W
Topology Transformerless
Allowed Altitude 4000m (derating above 3000m)
Display LED indicator + APP
Communication Method
4G(optional)/Power line carrier / RS485
DC Terminal Type MC4 plug-in terminal
AC Terminal Type OT/DT (maximum 400mm²)
Mechanical Parameters Dimensions (Width*Height*Depth) 1135*919*416mm
Weight ≤135kg

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