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Portable AC Charging Box ACT-PAC-7KW Exterior colors can be customized

Portable AC Charging Box ACT-PAC-7KW Exterior colors can be customized

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7KW AC convenient charging gun, current adjustable, speed optional, with 8A\10A\16A\32A switching current modes, can be applied to all kinds of national standard models, good compatibility. With leakage protection, intelligent double temperature control, charging overheating  protection.Dynamic display realtime current, realtime voltage, realtime power charged, ground status and other realtime displays.


Product Model ACT-PAC-7KW
Input voltage range 110~230VAC±20%
Working frequency 45~65Hz
Output voltage range Synchronize with input
Rated output current 8A/13A16A/32A
Rated output power Adjust according to current
Metering accuracy Onboard metering≤2.0
Standby power ≤1.5W
Baisic protection function

Over-voltage/over-current protection;Surge protection; Grounding protection;Adhesion protection

Leakage protection Onboard A+DC6
Working temperature -40℃~+55℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+85℃
Ambient humidity ≤95% No condensation
Display mode LED/OLED Touch button (optional)



This series of controllers are European/American standard mode controller, the maximum charging current is 32A,and can be compatible downward with 16A and 13A , 10A and 8A.External light panel or display panel (including touch button) is equipped to realize charging status display and power adjustment.


Smart charging、Power adjustment (touch button)、over voltage/under voltage/over current protection、Electric energy metering、Leakage detection、Adhesion detection、Grounding detection、OLED display.

3.Executive standards

IEC 61851、 IEC 62752、 IEC 62196-2、 SAE J1172

4.Product model

Configuration 1: common indicator version

Configuration 2: intelligent display version


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