About US

Active Energy Inc. was founded in 2010. As a leading provider of renewable energy solutions, we specialize in solar power plant projects, charging station solutions, and energy storage solutions. Our operations span across Europe, the Americas, and the Chinese market, dedicated to delivering innovative and reliable energy solutions to our clients.

Core Business Areas:

  1. Solar Power Plant Projects: With extensive expertise and experience in solar power plants, we offer comprehensive support to our clients from site selection, design, construction, to operation and maintenance. Our goal is to create a cleaner energy supply for society, reducing reliance on traditional energy sources and ensuring efficient and sustainable project operations.

  2. Charging Station Solutions: In response to the rapid growth of electric transportation, we provide a variety of charging station solutions to meet diverse customer needs. Our advanced charging station technology supports both fast and slow charging modes, offering convenient and efficient charging services for electric vehicle users, and promoting sustainable transportation development.

  3. Energy Storage Solutions: Energy storage technology holds significant importance in the energy industry. We offer innovative energy storage solutions to assist in managing energy fluctuations, enhancing energy efficiency, and achieving intelligent energy utilization. By integrating energy storage with renewable energy, we are committed to building a more stable and sustainable energy supply system.

  4. In-House R&D of Ancillary Products: Apart from excelling in our core fields, we also independently develop and manufacture industrial inverters, power supplies, and related products. These products play a vital role in energy conversion and supply in the industrial sector, providing clients with efficient and reliable solutions.

Our mission is to lead renewable energy development through innovation and technology, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future globally. Whether in Europe, the Americas, or the domestic market, we prioritize customer-centricity and continuously strive to provide high-quality energy solutions, working together to construct a greener energy tomorrow.

Key Statistics:

  • 2 R&D centers (Hangzhou, Wenzhou)
  • 1000+ clients worldwide
  • 6 subsidiary companies globally
  • 30+ members in the professional solution support team